July 15, 2024

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NM PRC)

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New Mexico Plots Next Steps for Day-ahead Market Decisions
As a next step in deciding which of two competing Western day-ahead markets to join, two of the state's utilities are commissioning a study of transfer capability under different market scenarios.
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Western Officials Get Rundown on ‘Irritating, Inefficient’ Market Seams
Utility staff charged with managing real-time operations will be equipped to deal with the seams between two Western day-ahead markets, but the situation will be far from ideal, Western state energy officials heard at the CREPC-WIRAB spring conference.
Regulators Approve PNM IRP Despite Staff Criticism
New Mexico commissioners voted to accept PNM's 2023 integrated resource plan despite concerns about an escalation in costs and resources since the 2020 IRP.
NM Utilities to Pursue More Analysis Before Day-ahead Decision
Despite the recent release of results from a study on the two competing day-ahead markets in the West, two New Mexico utilities said they need to conduct more analysis before they make a choice.
Western Markets Exploratory Group
NM Regulators to Explore Findings on Day-Ahead Market at RTO Workshop
The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission will dive into a report on the financial implications of a Western day-ahead electricity market.
Lights out for Avangrid’s PNM Acquisition

Avangrid has pulled the plug on its proposed $8.3 billion acquisition of PNM Resources, as final approval for the deal remains tied up at the New Mexico Supreme Court.

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CREPC-WIRAB Conference Tackles Western Market Developments
Many at the joint conference focused on the eventual result of the contest between CAISO's Extended Day-Ahead Market and SPP's Markets+ to organize the West's electricity market.
New Mexico Contemplates Organized Market Choice
When it comes to choosing between Western day-ahead market offerings, who else is participating in the market is a key consideration, a representative of a New Mexico utility said.
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
NM Commission to Set Standards for RTO, Day-ahead Participation
State regulators have launched a process to develop “guiding principles” regarding participation in a regional day-ahead market or RTO.
Edison Electric Institute
PNM, Avangrid Optimistic About Merger Prospects
While PNM awaits a court decision that could revive a merger with Avangrid, PNM officials say they’ll keep running the company like it’s a standalone business.

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