December 3, 2023

New York City

Astoria Generating Company
NYISO to Keep Gas Peakers Online to Solve NYC Reliability Need
NYISO will keep two natural gas peaker plants online past their planned 2025 retirements to solve a 446-MW shortfall in New York City. 
Obstacles to Decarbonizing Key NY Housing Sector Flagged
Decarbonizing hundreds of thousands of small- to midsize apartment buildings in New York will be an expensive and challenging task, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicates in a new report.
NYISO Anticipates Increased Load in Western, Central NY
NYISO did not identify any new near-term reliability issues in its third-quarter STAR, but it does anticipate significant load increases in western and central New York that could warrant more attention.
NYISO to Ask FERC for Order 2023 Compliance Extension
NYISO said it plans to file a motion with FERC for an extension on the compliance deadline for Order 2023, according to a presentation given to stakeholders.
NYISO Previews New York City Transmission Needs Assessment
NYISO delved into a plethora of upcoming projects, including the New York City public policy transmission need assessment and what the preliminary rules and assumptions will be.
NYC Wants Ride-share Fleet to Go Green by 2030
New York City will require its fleet of for-hire vehicles to be net-zero or wheelchair accessible by 2030.
NYISO Addresses NYC Near-Term Reliability Need
NYISO addressed stakeholder questions in a statement it released about the predicted near-term reliability shortfall in New York City, and potentially statewide.
New York City Department of Transportation
NJ Sues as NYC Congestion Scheme Takes Form
New York City transit officials began working to implement their controversial congestion pricing scheme as New Jersey filed a lawsuit seeking to block it.
NYC to Fall 446 MW Short for 2025, NYISO Reports
New York City faces a 446-MW shortfall in 2025 because of plant retirements and the delayed completion of the Champlain Hudson Power Express, NYISO said.  
New York PSC Calls for More Transmission for Long Island OSW
The PSC has called on NYISO to open its next PPTN with the goal of getting 6,000 MW of new transmission facilities in Long Island to facilitate the export of future offshore wind resources.

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