July 18, 2024

New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NY DEC)

NY Moves to Phase out SF6 in New Electrical Gear

New York is moving to limit the use of sulfur hexafluoride in electrical power and distribution equipment and to reduce leakage of the most potent greenhouse gas.

NY Releases Preliminary Cap-and-invest Outline
The outline proposes a ‘waterfall’ approach to broadly disperse program funds in a way that targets disadvantaged communities.
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New York Seeks to Unlock Geothermal Potential for Buildings
The village of Ossining is constructing geothermal boreholes using a new law that exempts these boreholes from oil and gas well regulations.
NYISO Anticipates Increased Load in Western, Central NY
NYISO did not identify any new near-term reliability issues in its third-quarter STAR, but it does anticipate significant load increases in western and central New York that could warrant more attention.
NYISO to Comment on State’s Cap-and-invest Plan
NYISO will comment on New York's emissions-reduction and reporting policy, the cap-and-invest program.
NY Legislature Passes Bill to ID Grid Upgrades Necessary for EVs
New York's State Legislature passed a bill that would require state agencies and utilities to identify grid improvements for an EV highway and charging network.
NYISO CEO Warns of Tightening Resource Adequacy
NYISO CEO Rich Dewey presented the ISO's annual Power Trends report, noting that shrinking reliability margins could force fossil fuel plant retirement delays.
NY Starts Public Review of Cap-and-invest Plans
New York agencies kicked off the first in a series of webinars dedicated to explaining and seeking comment on the state’s proposed cap-and-invest program.
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NY State Reliability Council Executive Committee Briefs: May 12, 2023
The N.Y. State Reliability Council Executive Committee indicated its Installed Capacity Subcommittee may increase the amount of 10-minute reserve assumptions.
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Overheard at the 2023 New York Energy Summit
Last week’s New York Energy Summit yielded a bumper crop of opinions, updates and words of wisdom from the more than 60 panelists.

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