July 23, 2024

Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA)

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
DOE Announces $900M to Kick-start Small Modular Nuclear Pipeline
The new federal funding is aimed at building market confidence that the U.S. nuclear industry will be able to incorporate the lessons learned at Vogtle to deliver a new round of safer, more efficient SMRs on time and on budget.
Georgia Power
NIA: Cost, Risk Sharing Needed to Grow Advanced Nuclear Pipeline
The first new reactors built in the U.S. since 2016, Vogtle’s two units have come online seven years late and $17 billion over budget, leaving subsequent projects surrounded by perceptions of risk.
Holtec International
LPO Announces $1.52B Loan to Restart Palisades Nuclear Plant
Michigan’s 800-MW Palisades nuclear power plant could become the first nuclear plant in the U.S. to be restarted, helped by a $1.52 billion loan from DOE’s Loan Programs Office.
DOE Seeks Proposals to Build out HALEU Supply Chain
DOE's commitment of $500 million in IRA dollars may not be enough. Building private sector confidence in the emerging HALEU market could require up to $2.9 billion more in additional federal funding.
GE Hitachi
Nuclear Innovation Alliance: DOE Must Reorganize to Promote SMRs
Small modular reactors are the future of nuclear energy, but they will not be rapidly deployed without a federal push, according to a new report.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Report: US Must Double Nuclear Power to Hit 2050 Climate Goals
Decarbonizing the US economy by 2050 will require doubling nuclear energy generation by deploying 100 GW of advanced reactors, according to reports by the NIA.

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