July 20, 2024

operating condition notice (OCN)

Xcel Energy
ERCOT Briefs: Week of Dec. 12, 2022
ERCOT says it is prepared for a polar blast that is expected to bring sub-freezing temperatures to Texas this weekend.
Triple-digit Temps Continue to Roast Texas
Persistent triple-digit temperatures across much of Texas have forced ERCOT to issue yet another operating condition notice as it flirts with 80-GW demand.
ERCOT Dances with Danger Again
Continued record electric demand, 13 GW of thermal outages and reduced renewable production forced ERCOT to again issue a conservation appeal.
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ERCOT Flirts with Capacity Shortage
ERCOT flirted with potential disaster July 11 after saying it was short on capacity, but system demand was reduced enough to keep the lights on.
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ERCOT Briefs: Week of July 4, 2022
The heat is back on in Texas after a brief respite, with ERCOT again setting records as peak demand reaches the extreme levels of ISO's predictions.
ERCOT Issues Low-level Alert as Heat Builds
ERCOT has issued its third operating condition notice since April, warning of extreme, hot temperatures in several of its weather zones this weekend.
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ERCOT Expecting Record Demand this Week
ERCOT's record peak of 74.8 GW could be broken this week as above-normal temperatures continue to bake Texas.
ERCOT Issues Another Operating Condition Notice
ERCOT has again issued an operating condition notice because of summer-like temperatures expected this weekend after a recent cold front.
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ERCOT Weathers 2nd Cold Snap of Year
ERCOT sailed through its second stress test of its winter readiness, easily meeting demand that came short of its peak during last February’s storm.
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ERCOT Preps for 2nd Cold Snap of Year
ERCOT is bracing for the second major cold front of the year, issuing an operating condition notice for Thursday and Friday ahead of “extreme cold weather.”

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