July 20, 2024

outage scheduling

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ERCOT Board of Directors Briefs: June 21, 2022
ERCOT’s Board of Directors has resolved one of two contentious issues between staff and stakeholders, setting the other aside for the time being.
ERCOT to PUC: Outage Procedures Changes Coming
ERCOT told the Texas PUC that it will change its outage-request procedures to avoid having too much generation offline at one time.
MISO Sets Sights on 4-season Capacity Market
MISO said it is close to completing a proposal to create a four-season capacity market after floating a rudimentary plan with skeptical stakeholders.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs: Sept. 10, 2020
MISO expects adequate resources for the fall, though planned generator outages are expected to be higher this year.
MISO: New Outage Rules Boosted Mich. Capacity Prices
MISO said a new rule prohibiting resources on extended outages from offering capacity contributed to the historic spike in Zone 7 prices in April’s PRA.
Stakeholders Question High Mich. Capacity Prices
Stakeholders asked if MISO’s new long-term generation outage policy played a role in driving up Michigan capacity prices in the Planning Resource Auction.
SPP Board/Members Committee Briefs: April 28, 2020
SPP’s Board of Directors approved the first two revision requests stemming from the Holistic Integrated Tariff Team’s work.
SPP Joint Quarterly Stakeholder Briefing: April 27, 2020
SPP CEO Barbara Sugg assured stakeholders the RTO is taking careful steps to reopen while the pandemic still rages, making clear it will be a slow process.
MISO Preps for Balmy Summer with Pandemic Effects
Warmer-than-usual weather this summer means MISO will likely have to declare an emergency, even without heavy loads or a high volume of generation outages.
COVID-19 Transforming MISO Load, Outage Schedules
The MISO footprint sank deeper into the COVID-19 twilight zone in early April, with demand flattening further and some maintenance outages frozen.

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