June 24, 2024

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)

American Nuclear Society
9th Circuit Upholds NRC Decision on Diablo Canyon
PG&E's plans to extend the life of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant through 2030 remain on track after a federal appellate court rejected environmental groups’ petition challenging an exemption to the license application deadline.
Calif. Senate Committee Passes Energy-related Bills
A California legislative committee has passed a raft of energy-related bills, including legislation focused on grid-enhancing technologies, hydrogen and data centers.
CAISO Transmission Plan Emphasizes Offshore Wind, Reliability

CAISO released a draft transmission plan identifying 26 new transmission projects aimed at accelerating California’s ability to meet its ambitious clean energy goals and costing an estimated $6.1 billion.

West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative
Pathways Initiative Discloses Funders, Reiterates Goals
The West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative has secured commitments of financial support from 24 utilities and other electricity-sector organizations and expects that list to grow.
Transwest Express
CAISO Wins FERC Approval for Subscriber-funded Tx Plan
FERC approved a proposal to allow transmission lines outside California to join CAISO under a new subscriber-funded model that avoids allocating project costs to the ISO’s load-serving entities.
Energy and Environmental Economics (E3), Ava Community Energy and Gridworks
Targeted Electrification ‘Promising but No Silver Bullet’ for Gas Cost Dilemma
Targeted electrification could allow decommissioning of up to 10% of gas mains but is no silver bullet for solving the gas cost challenge, researchers say.  
Pacific Gas and Electric
PG&E Foresees Strong Growth from Electrification, Data Centers
California’s “leadership in electrification” will be a key driver of Pacific Gas and Electric’s expected customer growth over the next five years, CEO Patti Poppe said during an earnings call.
CAISO Considers Replacement of RA Incentive Program
CAISO staff and stakeholders are looking to re-evaluate the RA Availability Incentive Mechanism and explore whether it should be replaced with a new program using an unforced capacity construct to ensure sufficient RA capacity.
U.S. Forest Service
CPUC Fines PG&E $45M for 2021 Dixie Fire

California regulators approved the penalty against Pacific Gas and Electric for the utility’s role in the the second-largest wildfire in the state’s history.

The Breakthrough Institute
Diablo Canyon Secures $1.1B DOE Award to Support Operations
The 2,200-MW PG&E plant will be the first recipient of federal funds being made available to shore up operations at U.S. nuclear plants that face imminent closure.

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