July 19, 2024


Chicago Law Prof Takes ISO-NE to Task at Consumer Liaison Group
Governance structures and market rules at ISO-NE that favor incumbent interests have contributed to pushing the region into costly and carbon-intensive reliability solutions, law professor Joshua Macey told the Consumer Liaison Group.
NC Clean Energy Technology Center
States Face Challenge Tying Storage Incentives to Emissions Reduction
States need to fund, shape and incentivize projects that contribute to their emission-reduction goals, a speaker told New Jersey’s Clean Energy Conference.
ISO-NE to Eliminate Performance Payments for EE
ISO-NE told stakeholders it will file a rule change with FERC to eliminate capacity performance payments from energy efficiency resources.
NEPOOL Markets Committee Briefs: July 14-15, 2020
The NEPOOL Markets Committee devoted the bulk of its meeting to debating changes to inputs and assumptions that will govern FCA 16 in February 2022.
NEPOOL Markets Committee Briefs: June 10, 2020
New England’s total wholesale costs of electricity last year fell 19% to $9.8 billion, according to the ISO-NE Market Monitor’s 2019 Annual Markets Report.
ISO-NE Steady on Fuel Plan Despite NEPOOL Rebuff
The New England Power Pool Markets Committee rejected ISO-NE’s interim proposal for compensating generators for fuel security. But the RTO plans to file the plan with FERC with or without stakeholder endorsement.
ISO-NE Chief Sees ‘Year-round’ Energy Risks Coming
ISO-NE CEO Gordon van Welie said his concerns about New England’s ability to keep the lights on continue to grow despite enacted market rule changes.
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Familiar Winter Story: ISO-NE Braces for Gas Shortages
Most RTOs say they are ready for winter but the possibility of fuel shortages during an extended cold spell is keeping ISO-NE officials up at night.
NEPOOL Debates Fuel Security, Cost Allocation
The New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) Markets Committee debated ISO-NE’s proposals for conducting fuel security reliability reviews.
NEPOOL Votes for Press Ban, Discusses Fuel Security
The NEPOOL Participants Committee voted to change its bylaws to formalize the policy of banning the press from attending its meetings.

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