July 13, 2024

PJM Grid 20/20

PJM Grid 20/20 Debates Meaning of Resilience
The term "resilience" can mean many different things to different sectors, as discussions at PJM's Grid 20/20 conference demonstrated.
PJM Defends Resilience Focus as Pre-emptive, not Excessive
PJM continued its effort to convince stakeholders of the wisdom of investing in system resilience at its Grid 20/20 conference.
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PJM Fuel Diversity Discussion Focuses on Pipeline Planning, Security
The PJM Grid 20/20 conference on grid reliability and fuel diversity kept finding its way back to the natural gas pipeline system.
PJM’s Grid 20/20 Ponders Mixing Public Policy, Competitive Markets
Panelists at the PJM Grid 20/20 summit discussed the challenges of conflicting state public policy, competing interests and the impact on the RTO's competitive markets.

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