July 15, 2024

postage-stamp allocation

Entergy Regulators Mount Challenge to MISO South Cost Allocation
MISO South regulators publicly opposed a postage stamp cost allocation design, potentially setting the stage for a showdown as MISO prepares for a third long-range transmission portfolio.
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FERC OKs MISO’s Bifurcated Cost-allocation Tx Design
FERC has allowed MISO to use a separate-but-equal postage stamp rate divided between MISO Midwest and MISO South for some of its major transmission buildout.
MISO Dusts off MVP Cost Allocation for Long-range Tx Plan
MISO revealed that it will use the cost allocation devised for 2011's Multi-Value Project portfolio for its long-term transmission plan.
South Regulators Lambast MISO Long-term Tx Planning
State commission staff from MISO South questioned MISO's long-range transmission plan at an Entergy State Regional Committee meeting.
MISO Members Revive Debate over ‘Postage Stamp’ Cost Allocation
The postage-stamp cost allocation method for long-term transmission projects might be coming back in vogue in MISO.
Despite Lengthy Negotiations, PJM Cost Allocation Settlement Still Finds Detractors
A settlement between PJM and transmission owners over the procedure for cost allocation of major projects is receiving criticism from stakeholders.
FERC Orders Proceedings to Decide PJM’s Postage-Stamp Cost Allocation
FERC ordered settlement procedures to determine cost allocation for PJM transmission projects of 500 kV or more that were approved before February 2013.
PJM: Court Ruling Won’t Upset ‘Hybrid’ Cost Allocation
PJM says its FERC Order 1000-compliant hybrid cost allocation for regional transmission projects won't be in jeopardy following a federal appellate court ruling last week.

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