July 15, 2024

price-responsive demand (PRD)

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PJM MIC Briefs: July 13, 2022
PJM's MIC OK'd rules on accounting for PTC/REC revenue and dealing with long-term market suspensions and discussed a loophole allowing CTs to ignore dispatch.
PJM Market Implementation Committee Briefs: June 8, 2022
The PJM MIC discussed rules on including environmental credits in energy offers, setting pricing during market suspensions and DR for weather-sensitive load.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Jan. 27, 2021
PJM stakeholders at the MRC rejected two proposals aimed at addressing a dispute over black start units' capital recovery factor.
PJM MRC/MC Preview: Jan. 27, 2021
A summary of the issues scheduled to be brought to a vote at the PJM Markets and Reliability and Members committees on Jan. 27, 2021.
PJM MIC Briefs: Jan. 12, 2021
Stakeholders at PJM's MIC meeting challenged the use of the “quick fix process” and endorsed a proposed package addressing PRD credits.
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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Dec. 17, 2020
PJM's Markets and Reliability and Members Committees met to discuss market rules, tariff revisions and elect several new members.
PJM MIC Briefs: July 8, 2020
The PJM MIC endorsed the sunsetting of a longstanding subcommittee on intermittent resources and accepted the charter of a new committee.
PJM MIC Briefs: June 3, 2020
The PJM MIC endorsed an initiative to update the RTO’s business rules to accommodate co-located generation and energy storage hybrid resources.
NEPOOL Markets Committee Briefs: Nov. 12-13, 2019
The New England Power Pool Markets Committee continued to work on ISO-NE’s proposed Energy Security Improvements proposal.
PJM MRC Briefs: Oct. 31, 2019
PJM staff and stakeholders kicked off the Markets and Reliability Committee meeting with an homage to Denise Foster on her last day with the organization.

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