December 10, 2023

price setting

Day-ahead Prices Going Negative in CAISO
Negative day-ahead prices surged in CAISO during the first quarter stemming from surpluses of solar and hydroelectric output.
PJM Stakeholders Seek Story Behind Dispatch Data
The plethora of dispatch data PJM provides is only useful if the grid operator also explains what it means, stakeholders told RTO staff at a special MIC.
PJM Stakeholders Explore Price Formation, Seek Transparency
PJM should explain its daily operating decisions in more detail so market participants can better understand price formation and how markets are formed.
PJM Market Monitor’s Q3 Report Finds Markets Competitive
The PJM Market Monitor reported that capacity and regulation market results were “generally competitive” in the first 9 months of 2016, but remain vulnerable to stress.
MISO Study Undercuts IMM Proposal on Expanding ELMP Pricing
MISO said that it is developing alternative solutions to the Monitor’s recommendation in the second phase of the ELMP rollout.

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