July 15, 2024

Production Tax Credit (PTC)

Peretzp, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia
PSEG Awaits Federal Nuclear Plant Tax Credits
PSEG still is waiting to hear from the Treasury Department on the rules on the Production Tax Credits that are part of the Inflation Reduction Act.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley Lab: Utility-scale Solar Heading for Record 2023
After a down year, the Berkeley Lab sees new utility-scale solar capacity increasing more than fourfold by the mid-2030s to over 50 GW per year.
Clean Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Feud over Tax Credit Rules
Power demands from the upstart clean hydrogen industry could lead to a dirtier electric grid.
The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas
Renewable Natural Gas Seen as Pathway to Low-carbon Hydrogen
Using RNG as a feedstock offers hydrogen producers a shortcut to claiming the full federal tax credit created for hydrogen production, industry experts said.
Constellation Energy
Constellation CEO: Nuclear PTC Could Extend Reactors’ Life to 80 Years
Constellation says the IRA's tax credits for nuclear could boost its profits by $100 million per year and help extend the life of its reactors to 80 years.
How Green is that Green Hydrogen?
Federal production tax credits for green hydrogen will depend on the "cleanliness" of the power used to produce it.
IRA Tax Credits Draw Clean Energy Projects to Coal Communities
Millions in new funding and bonus tax credits are heading to new clean energy projects in communities impacted by the closure of fossil fuel-based industries.
DOE Opens IIJA Nuclear Credit Program to Recently Closed Plants
A closed nuclear plant in Michigan could be eligible for federal funding to reopen under new guidelines for the 2nd round of the Civil Nuclear Credit Program.
Mitsubishi Power
Mitsubishi: IRA Tax Credits Key to Clean Hydrogen
The tax credits provided by the IRA are key to the development of major clean hydrogen projects and seasonal hydrogen storage, Mitsubishi Power Americas said.
Energy Innovation
Report: IRA Makes Renewables Cheaper than Virtually All US Coal Plants
A new report found that nearly all coal plants studied “are more expensive to run than replacing their generation capacity with either new solar or wind.”

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