July 12, 2024

pseudo ties

FERC Upholds Decision on MISO-SPP Overlapping Charges
FERC has upheld its order that MISO and SPP fix their overlapping congestion charges on pseudo-ties despite a rehearing request from MISO.
MISO, SPP Ordered to Resolve Overlapping Charges
FERC ruled last week that pseudo-tied loads and resources between MISO and SPP are subject to overlapping congestion charges.
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PJM MIC Briefs: Oct. 7, 2020
PJM's proposed “quick-fix” manual revision sparked a discussion on lingering pseudo-tie issues.
FERC Orders Tech Conference on MISO-SPP Congestion
FERC ordered a technical conference to investigate overlapping congestion charges imposed on pseudo-tie transactions between MISO and SPP.
$10M Deal Reached over MISO, PJM Pseudo-tie Fees
Five generators struck a $10M settlement with MISO and PJM over the RTOs’ past practice of double-charging pseudo-tied generation for congestion fees.
PJM Ordered to Revise Pseudo-tie Rules
PJM’s testing rules for pseudo-tied resources lack "sufficient notice and transparency," FERC ruled, ordering Tariff changes.
SPP, MISO Tweak Pseudo-Tie Practices in JOA
FERC approved SPP’s revisions to its joint operating agreement with MISO that improve pseudo-tie coordination requirements between the RTOs.
PJM MIC Briefs: Feb. 5, 2020
PJM dropped its plan to clarify pseudo-tie eligibility after stakeholders argued some of the revisions conflicted with pending litigation.
FERC Affirms MISO-PJM Pseudo-tie Decisions
FERC dismissed a second round of complaints over overlapping pseudo-tie congestion charges between MISO and PJM.
SPP Seams Steering Committee: Nov. 6, 2019
SPP told the Seams Steering Committee they have begun preliminary interregional transmission planning discussions with Canadian electric utility SaskPower.

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