July 14, 2024

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Wisconsin PSC: Missing Info in We Energies’ Oak Creek Coal-to-gas Plans
The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin said it’s missing several details from We Energies regarding its multiyear plan to substitute gas for coal at its Oak Creek Power Plant.
Solar Developer Takes on We Energies
An Iowa solar developer is prepping for a second state supreme court battle over his ability to supply electricity in a state without retail choice.
Wisconsin Manufacturers Call for Retail Choice
Wisconsin’s large manufacturers are asking state regulators to grant them retail choice, warning that high power prices may otherwise cripple the state’s economic growth.
Net Metering Debate Continues in NARUC Session
Present and former regulators debated the costs and benefits of rooftop solar and the pros and cons of net metering at the NARUC Summer Meetings.
Organization of MISO States Briefs
The Organization of MISO States is reviewing and revising its rules for approving position statements submitted to MISO and FERC.
MISO, SPP Stakeholders Developing Trading Plan to Comply with EPA Carbon Rule
Stakeholders from MISO and SPP they are developing the framework for an interstate trading platform to comply with the EPA Clean Power Plan.
FERC Faulted, Asked to Reconsider Presque Isle SSR Ruling
Multiple stakeholders have requested rehearing of FERC's order that MISO could no longer allocate broadly the SSR costs of keeping Presque Isle open.
FERC Upends MISO’s SSR Cost Allocation Practice
FERC upheld its order that MISO could no longer broadly allocate the SSR costs of three power plants in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Sale Would End SSR, Clear Way for WE-Integrys Deal
Integrys and Wisconsin Energy would sell their subsidiary utilities' electric distribution assets, including Presque Isle, to Upper Peninsula Power Co.

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