July 15, 2024

R.E. Ginna nuclear plant

UPDATED: New York Legislators Question Nuclear Subsidy
Five New York City-area legislators wrote to the Public Service Commission questioning the ratepayer-funded nuclear power plant subsidy.
NY Senate Energy Head: Begin Nuclear Subsidy Immediately
A key New York legislator called for the immediate implementation of nuclear subsidies, a day after Exelon threatened to close Nine Mile Point Unit 1.
Exelon Threatens to Close Nine Mile Point 1
Exelon (NYSE:EXC) said it will close its Nine Mile Point 1 nuclear plant next spring if New York has not guaranteed it a financial lifeline by September.
FERC Accepts Ginna Settlement
FERC approved the plan to keep the Ginna nuclear power plant operating but objected to elements that it said encroached on its jurisdiction.
New Lifeline for FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant
New York regulators are proposing to accelerate financial incentives in a last-ditch effort the save the James A. FitzPatrick nuclear plant.
NYPSC OKs Ginna Deal
New York regulators OK'd a contract to keep the struggling R.E. Ginna nuclear power plant operating through March 2017.
Fitzpatrick Closure Could Leave NY Generation Short
Closure of the FitzPatrick nuclear plant will leave New York at least 325 MW short of its generation requirement by 2019, NYISO says.
Plan Would Pay NY Nuclear Plants for Zero Emissions
Upstate nuclear power plants would earn extra payments for emissions-free energy under a New York PSC staff proposal announced Thursday.
Study: Loss of Nuclear Plants Would Cost $1.7B Annually
Nuclear supporters and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo are trying to keep the plants running.
Cuomo: 50% Renewables by 2030, Keep Nukes Going
Nuclear power plant owners are welcoming reports that Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants state regulators to mandate that half of the state’s energy come from renewable energy sources by 2030.

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