July 20, 2024

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Eclipse Barely Dims CAISO Operations
CAISO maintained normal grid operations during the Oct. 14 solar eclipse, with swings in solar production that were more muted than models based on clear-sky conditions.
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NYISO 10-kW Min for DER Aggregation Participation Riles Stakeholders
Stakeholders responded negatively NYISO’s proposal for a 10-kW minimum capability requirement for individual DERs to qualify for participation in aggregation.
Industrial Power Services
FERC Fines Dynegy $569K for Misleading Ramp Rates in PJM
FERC approved an agreement between Dynegy and its Office of Enforcement to settle allegations that the company misrepresented its plants' ramp rates to PJM.
New MISO Report Starting Point for Major Grid Change
MISO’s annual report on future trends includes suggestions for market changes that could ease the transition to a still hard-to-pin-down future fleet.
MISO Plans for New Uninstructed Deviation Rules
MISO will this March begin testing new rules to deal with generators’ uninstructed deviations from dispatch orders, stakeholders learned.
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Monitor Backs MISO Uninstructed Deviation Proposal
MISO’s Monitor is backing the RTO’s proposal to allow generators to recoup a portion of make-whole payments even when their ramp rates fall short.
MISO Designing Automatic Generation Control Program
MISO is moving ahead with developing an automatic generation control (AGC) program designed to rapidly deploy 400 MW of fast-ramping resources.
Ameren Calls for Milder MISO Response to Uninstructed Deviations
Ameren Missouri is urging MISO to scrap a newly proposed process for identifying when generators deviate from dispatch instructions.
PJM OC Briefs: July 11, 2017
At their July 11th, 2017 meeting, PJM presented Operating Committee members with a proposed pro forma agreement for dynamic schedules.
Monitor Again Criticizes MISO’s Uninstructed Deviation Rules
The MISO Independent Market Monitor presented new data showing how much energy is wasted because of the RTO’s lenient thresholds for uninstructed deviations, reviving his criticism of the rules.

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