December 10, 2023

rate design

ACEEE Paper Says Rate Design Can Avoid Higher Bills from Electrification
ACEEE released a report highlighting strategies for avoiding higher overall energy bills from electrification, which is a concern for states with high average power prices.
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NE Stakeholders Support Developing Time-varying Rates
Energy leaders in New England are calling on the states to look at developing time-varying rates to reduce costs and environmental burdens.
Overheard at NE Electricity Restructuring Roundtable: March 2023
A panel of experts made the argument for smarter rate design on Friday at Raab Associates’ New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable.
Pa. Department of Transportation
Pa. PUC Opens Proceeding on EV Rate Design
Pennsylvania regulators opened a rate design proceeding to encourage electric vehicle charging during off-peak hours.
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FERC Questions Ratepayer Funding of Trade Association Dues
FERC opened an inquiry over whether utility customers should pay for dues of trade associations that seek policies that may be contrary to consumers’ interests.
NYPSC Approves $32 Million for EV Fast Chargers
New York regulators authorized utilities to spend $31.6 million to build fast-charging EV stations and recover costs from ratepayers over seven years.
No Refunds in 20-Year-Old Entergy Rate Complaint
Entergy Louisiana will not have to issue refunds in a decades-long rate dispute with the Louisiana Public Service Commission, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday.
EPA regulations, cybersecurity, FERC enforcement and utility rate design dominated the discussions as more than 1,000 state regulators and industry officials gathered at the NARUC annual meeting in Orlando last week.
Challenges, But No `Death Spiral’ for Utilities
Flat load growth and new technologies are challenges but not mortal threats to utilities, NARUC panelists said.

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