December 3, 2023

Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative

Texas Admin Monitor
Texas PUC Hearings Begin on $2.9B ERCOT Securitization
The Texas PUC began hearings over ERCOT's request for a pair of debt-obligation orders to finance $2.9 billion incurred during the February winter storm.
Securitization Offers Texas a Way Forward
Texas lawmakers are considering securitization as a way to help market participants and customers saddled with costs from the February winter storm.
NextEra Appeals Court Decision on Texas ROFR Law
NextEra subsidiaries appealed a ruling that upheld a Texas law giving incumbent transmission companies the right of first refusal to build power lines.
Wind Poised to Overtake Coal in ERCOT Output
ERCOT wind farms produced almost as much energy in 2019 as coal-fired plants, according to the grid operator’s latest demand and energy report.
Texas Public Utility Commission Briefs: March 13, 2019
The Texas PUC formally approved Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative’s request to move about 12% of its load and transmission facilities from SPP into ERCOT
Texas Public Utility Commission Briefs: Feb. 7, 2019
The PUCT issued preliminary certificates of convenience and necessity for transmission that will integrate some of LP&L’s SPP load into the ERCOT system.
PUC Schedules Oct. Hearing for Rayburn Move to ERCOT
The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) set a hearing for Oct. 16-17 on Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative’s proposed transfer from SPP to ERCOT.
Public Utility Commission of Texas Briefs: Aug. 31, 2017
The Texas PUC consented to a list of 36 issues to be contested related to SWEPCO’s costs associated with parent AEP’s massive Wind Catcher project.
PUCT Briefs: Aug. 17, 2017
The Texas PUC (PUCT) has scheduled a second staff-led workshop for Oct. 13 on price formation issues in the ERCOT market.
PUCT Asks ERCOT, SPP to Coordinate on Lubbock PL Move
Staff from ERCOT and SPP began discussions to determine how to work together on Lubbock Power & Light’s (LP&L's) planned move to the ERCOT grid.

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