July 19, 2024

Renewable Northwest

Renewable Northwest
Group Claims Powerex Backing Markets+ to Benefit from Divided West
A new study commissioned by Renewable Northwest says Powerex is poised to benefit if the West ends up divided between CAISO’s EDAM and SPP’s Markets+.
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Plan Seeks to Boost Prospects for New Transmission in the West

The Western Power Pool floated a plan to revamp transmission planning in the West to spur development of the kind of large-scale transmission projects FERC’s Order 1000 has failed to produce.

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In Contest for the West, Markets+ Gathers Momentum — and Skeptics
While some stakeholders are ‘charmed’ by SPP’s market initiative effort, others urge need for deeper tie to CAISO.
American Council on Renewable Energy
Reliability Panel Highlights Benefits of Interregional Transmission
A panel of experts discussing NERC’s Summer Reliability Assessment emphasized the need for teamwork in benefiting from increased interregional transmission.
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Wash. Bill Would Require Study on Wind Turbine Blade Disposal
Washington lawmakers have introduced a bill that would require a state study on disposing and recycling blades from wind turbines.
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Clean Energy, Equity Goals to Reshape Oregon IRP Process
Oregon regulators began a proceeding to determine how to incorporate ambitious clean energy and social equity goals into utility resource planning.
Western RA Program Readies Governance
The Northwest Power Pool’s Western Resource Adequacy Program is forming stakeholder committees to nominate directors and shape program design.
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Oregon Group Contemplates RTO for a ‘Decarbonized World’
An Oregon committee discussed how a Western RTO would likely take shape for reasons much different from those that motivated the other organized markets.

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