December 10, 2023


AEP’s Akins Optimistic over Regulated Future
AEP reported fourth-quarter operating earnings of 67 cents/share, up almost 40% from a year earlier.
Baker Concrete
AEP Ohio Rate Plan Excludes Merchant Generation
AEP Ohio proposed a new retail rate plan that would more than triple residential customers’ fixed charges but doesn't include subsidies for its merchant generation.
With or Without Support, Texas Customer Advocate Remains Undaunted
Candor and steadfastness are qualities that Carol Biedrzycki, the Texas consumer advocate in charge of Texas ROSE, developed over 24 years.
Akins: AEP Wants Only Partial Restructuring of Ohio Market
American Electric Power CEO Nick Akins said last week that AEP is seeking only a partial “restructuring” of Ohio’s energy market.

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