November 28, 2023


NYISO Stakeholders Advance Rules on Ambient Ratings, Internal Controllable Lines
NYISO members approved new rules for ambient line ratings and HVDC lines.
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FERC Calls for More Info on Order 881 Compliance Timelines
FERC partly approved Order 881 compliance filings from several transmission providers, asking for more information on timelines for calculating or submitting ambient-adjusted line ratings.
FERC Approves Batch of Line Ratings Compliance Filings
FERC approved the compliance filings of six transmission providers, including those of NYISO and CAISO, with Order 88.
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Overheard at Grid Enhancing Technologies Summit
Grid-enhancing technologies took center stage last week at a WATT Coalition summit on ways to wring efficiencies out of existing transmission facilities.
FERC Denies Rehearing, Clarifies Order 881 on Line Ratings
FERC denied rehearing requests from transmission providers and others on Order 881.
FERC Opens Inquiry on Dynamic Line Ratings
FERC opened a docket on the costs and benefits of dynamic line ratings, an initiative it signaled in its December order banning static line ratings.
FERC Orders End to Static Tx Line Ratings
FERC ordered transmission providers to end the use of static line ratings in evaluating near-term service, saying it will increase utilization of the grid.
FERC Proposes Requiring Variable Tx Line Ratings
FERC issued a proposal to require all transmission providers to implement seasonal and ambient-adjusted ratings on their lines.

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