July 16, 2024

Rockland Electric Co.

NJ BPU Backs Utility Benchmarking for 30,000 Buildings
New Jersey regulators approved a new benchmarking program requiring 30,000 buildings to annually report their water, gas and electricity use.
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FERC Conditionally Accepts Rockland Electric’s ROE Adder in PJM
FERC conditionally accepted Rockland's proposed return on equity and transmission revenue requirement, subjecting both to further hearing.
Rebuffed by Courts, CPV Seeks FERC End-Around
Utilities in New Jersey and Maryland are fighting an attempt by a Competitive Power Ventures to enforce contracts that federal courts last year ruled invalid.
PJM to Consider Storage as Capacity
Members agreed to consider new rules to allow batteries, flywheels and other advanced storage technologies to bid in the capacity market.
Industrials Call for Transparency in Transmission Owner Calculations
Two-thirds of PJM’s transmission owners have failed to file FERC-approved tariffs disclosing the methodology they use to calculate customer rates ...
“Multi-Driver” Transmission Proposal Challenged – UPDATE
Two utilities signaled their intent to oppose a “multi-driver” approach for incorporating public policy goals in PJM’s transmission planning process.

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