July 19, 2024

rolling blackouts

Duke Energy
Industry Group Blames Duke, TVA for Blackouts
SREA said Duke Carolinas' and TVA's holiday blackouts were likely avoidable had they built robust transmission links and had better access to organized markets.
CAISO Reports on Summer Heat Wave Performance
CAISO said it avoided September blackouts through a combination of public conservation, imported electricity and coordination with utilities and agencies.
California Moving to Dynamic Pricing for Retail Customers
The California Energy Commission adopted new standards for utilities to send hourly or sub-hourly price signals to "smart" appliances and EVs to manage demand.
Heat Wave to Test Western Grid this Weekend
Forecasters say California and the Southwest will see extreme heat this weekend, with conditions like those that strained the grid over Labor Day weekend 2020.
California PUC Opens ‘Critical’ Demand Flexibility Proceeding
The California PUC opened a proceeding on demand flexibility as a way to address the state's electric reliability crisis and limit solar curtailment.
EKM Metering
California PUC Approves New Resource Adequacy Construct
The California PUC approved changes to the state’s resource adequacy requirements meant to bolster its ability to withstand extreme weather.
FERC Orders More Refunds from 2020 Western Heat Wave
FERC continued to tell utilities to refund premiums they earned on top of extraordinarily high prices in August 2020 during a heat wave.
Sellers Urge FERC to Raise WECC Soft Price Cap
FERC ordered six more entities to refund the premiums they earned from sales into CAISO during the severe heat wave of August 2020.
FERC Tells PacifiCorp to Refund Premiums
FERC ordered PacifiCorp to refund premiums it received for sales above WECC's soft price cap of $1,000/MWh during the severe Western heat wave of August 2020.
Department of Water Resources
Summer Hydro Outlook Iffy in California
A dry January and February are clouding the prospects for hydroelectric generation this summer following two years of severe drought in California.

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