July 13, 2024


After a Quarter Century Industry Experts Still Split on Restructuring
After a quarter century, there is still no consensus on whether RTO markets and retail choice lead to lower prices.
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MISO Energy Storage Group Seeks Expanded Role
The MISO Energy Storage Task Force is making a bid to broaden its role by seeking the authority to evaluate storage issues in addition to identifying them.
California PUC, Customers Fight SCE Rate Hike
State regulators and transmission customers of Southern California Edison urged FERC to reject the utility’s requested rate hike for 2018.
PJM Market Implementation Committee Briefs: Nov. 8, 2017
PJM Market Implementation Committee members expressed frustration over a last-minute proposal from the Monitor on price-responsive demand.
CAISO Load-Shifting Product to Target Energy Storage
CAISO has launched what will be a years-long initiative to develop a program to pay storage resources to absorb excess renewable generation.
Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth
ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Briefs; Sept. 6, 2017
Stakeholders will have 15 days to comment on ISO-NE’s reorganized transmission planning guide, which will reduce the existing guide to four sections.

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