July 15, 2024

scarcity pricing

State of Texas
Texas Appeals Court Reverses Another PUC Order
A Texas appeals court has reversed a Public Utility Commission’s scarcity-pricing order and remanded it back to the PUC for further proceedings.
CAISO Revises Policy Roadmap to Highlight Priorities
CAISO revamped its policy initiatives roadmap to reflect its to top strategic goals including ensuring resource adequacy and expanding its Western market role.
FERC Orders More Refunds from 2020 Western Heat Wave
FERC continued to tell utilities to refund premiums they earned on top of extraordinarily high prices in August 2020 during a heat wave.
ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: March 24, 2021
ERCOT’s Technical Advisory Committee conducted its first regular meeting since the February winter storm, which unsurprisingly dominating the discussion.
CAISO MSC Weighs Summer Market Changes
CAISO’s Market Surveillance Committee has endorsed a set of rule changes designed to avoid shortfalls this summer.
CAISO Advances Summer Readiness Plan
CAISO introduced a straw proposal that aims to attract supply this summer and head off shortfalls like those that led to rolling blackouts last year.
CAISO Adds Scarcity Pricing to Policy ‘Roadmap’
CAISO said it plans to begin a stakeholder initiative on scarcity pricing with an issue paper and formal start in January.
CAISO MSC Urges Scarcity Pricing for Emergencies
CAISO’s Market Surveillance Committee said the ISO needs to consider implementing scarcity pricing as a way to obtain energy during heat waves and supply shortages.
MISO Revisits Scarcity Pricing Rethink
MISO is once again evaluating the effectiveness of the rules behind its scarcity pricing just three years after shelving a similar effort.
MISO Exploring New RAN Changes
MISO said it continues to weigh changes to its markets and resource adequacy construct as part of its multiyear resource availability and need project.

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