July 20, 2024

Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy (SARA)

Vistra Corp.
ERCOT Expects Sufficient Capacity this Fall
ERCOT says it should have more than enough capacity to meet peak demand under normal conditions during the fall season that begins in October.
Texas PUC
ERCOT, PUC Repeat Call for Dispatchable Generation
ERCOT and the Texas PUC say there is not enough dispatchable generation to meet peak demand this summer, forcing the grid to rely on renewables.
Jupiter Power
ERCOT: Nearly 100 GW Available for Spring Demand
ERCOT says it will have almost 100 GW of seasonally rated capacity available to meet demand this spring, assuming normal weather and outages.
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ERCOT Says ‘Sufficient’ Capacity to Meet Winter Demand
The ISO's latest seasonal assessment shows it has more than 87 GW on hand to meet a forecast peak demand of 67.4 GW this winter.
Office of the Texas Governor
Texas Gov. Abbott Touts ERCOT’s Fall Resource Adequacy
ERCOT has quietly dropped its latest report on resource adequacy, saying it has enough capacity to meet peak demands under normal conditions this fall.
ERCOT Issues Low-level Alert as Heat Builds
ERCOT has issued its third operating condition notice since April, warning of extreme, hot temperatures in several of its weather zones this weekend.
ERCOT, PUC Say Texas Ready for Summer
Texas grid leaders met with reporters to once again allay concerns about ERCOT’s management of the state’s electric supply.
ERCOT: Sufficient Resources to Meet Spring Demand
ERCOT's spring seasonal assessment of resource adequacy shows it has sufficient installed generating capacity to serve peak demand this spring.
Kerrville PUB
Texas PUC Chair Lake: ‘The Lights Will Stay On’
Texas PUC Chair Peter Lake said "the lights will stay on" this winter, based on the commission's new weatherization rules and market changes.
Xcel Energy
Twitter Blows up over ERCOT Communications
Twitter users were quick to pounce on ERCOT's quiet release of its winter resource assessment and the resignation of a new board member.

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