July 16, 2024

Seattle City Light

CAISO, WEIM Boards Approve Proposal to Raise Offer Cap
CAISO’s Board of Governors and WEIM Governing Body unanimously voted to approve an expedited proposal to increase the ISO’s soft offer cap from $1,000/MWh to $2,000.
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NW Cold Snap Dispute Reflects Divisions over Western Markets

A dispute around the January cold snap that forced Northwest utilities to sharply increase electricity imports to meet surging demand has become a proxy for the broader day-ahead market contest between CAISO and SPP.

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Northwest Public Power Group Endorses Markets+ over EDAM
The Public Power Council has asked the Bonneville Power Administration to choose SPP’s Markets+ when the agency issues its day-ahead market “leaning” in April.
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BPA Targets August for Draft Day-ahead Market Decision

The Bonneville Power Administration plans to issue a draft decision on its day-ahead market participation in August, followed by a final decision in November.

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Western RA Program Secures First ‘Binding’ Phase Participants
Nearly a dozen utilities committed to joining the “binding” iteration of the Western Resource Adequacy Program, with more expected to sign on later this month.
Bonneville Power Administration
BPA Customers Support Effort to Weigh CAISO, SPP Market Options
SPP’s plan to develop a market to compete with CAISO's Western EIM got a boost from utilities and energy customers in the Pacific Northwest.
CAISO Reports High Energy Prices in Q4
A CAISO market report says high natural gas prices drove a 50% run-up in electricity costs in Q4 2021, hitting the Western Energy Imbalance Market as well.
Implementation Underway for NWPP’s Western RA Market
NWPP took its first steps implementing its Western Resource Adequacy Program, allowing participants to submit resource data for a “nonbinding” phase.
City of Seattle
Seattle City Light Seeks State OK to Produce Hydrogen
Municipal utility Seattle City Light wants the same legislative green light to manufacture hydrogen for fuel as Washington’s PUDs have received.
Collaboration, Cultural Shift Key to Utility Transformation
Decarbonizing the U.S. grid will also mean overcoming communities’ aesthetic objections to large projects, Seattle City Light CEO Debra Smith told SEPA.

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