July 20, 2024

Shell Energy North America

FERC OKs GreenHat Settlements
The principals of GreenHat Energy will pay PJM $1.4 million to settle claims over the company’s FTR market default, which cost members nearly $180 million.
FERC Rejects GreenHat Arguments in Shell Case
FERC rejected GreenHat Energy's arguments in a rehearing request on its contract dispute with Shell Energy.
GreenHat Maneuvers to Remove FERC from Shell Case
GreenHat Energy has filed a motion to bar FERC’s Office of Enforcement from working on a breach-of-contract case involving Shell Energy.
Shell Appeals FERC’s GreenHat Rulings
Shell Energy asked the D.C. Circuit to review two FERC rulings in the GreenHat default case it denied the company a role in settlement negotiations.
FERC Denies Shell, ODEC GreenHat Settlement Role
Shell Energy and Old Dominion Electric Cooperative failed to make their case that they belong at the GreenHat Energy settlement table, FERC ruled.
Shell Demands Seat at GreenHat Settlement Table
Shell wants a seat at the GreenHat settlement table, saying it could bear a disproportionate financial burden based on its outcome.
Shell Energy Seeks to Avoid Liability in GreenHat Trades
Shell Energy came to the Market Implementation Committee to make its case against PJM recovering charges from FTRs it purchased from failed GreenHat Energy.
FERC Denies Multiple Energy Crisis Rehearing Requests
The FERC decision dealt with companies implicated in manipulating prices during the initial "Summer Period" of the Western Energy Crisis.
FERC Clarifies Western Energy Crisis ‘Pricing Umbrella’ Theory
FERC said evidence of price reporting deficiencies by power sellers during the Western Energy Crisis cannot constitute the sole basis for a finding of market manipulation.
‘Connected Entity’ Proposal Too Broad, Burdensome, Market Participants Tell FERC
FERC's proposed rule would require RTOs and ISOs to register market participants through common alpha-numeric identifiers.

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