July 13, 2024

shortage pricing

NYISO Operating Committee Briefs: Sept. 15, 2023

The NYISO Operating Committee approved three studies aimed at helping the ISO alleviate congestion on its grid.

Stakeholders Weigh Climate Adaptations at FERC Tech Conference
Day two of FERC’s technical conference emphasized the need for more transmission to facilitate trading and properly compensating demand-side resources.
MISO Reevaluating Value of Loss Load as Monitor Pushes $10,000/MWh
MISO said it will soon present proposals for reformulating its VoLL while its IMM once again urged the RTO to nearly triple the current value.
NYISO OKs Changes on Hybrid, Fast Start Resources, TCCs
The NYISO Business Issues Committee approved rule changes regarding transmission congestion contracts and hybrid storage facilities.
NYISO Looks at Pricing Supplemental Reserves
NYISO is preparing to be able to adapt its reserve requirements quickly to a changing resource mix by procuring supplemental reserves.
NYISO Moves Forward on EAS Projects
NYISO continues to advance its Grid in Transition agenda, moving ahead with some energy and ancillary services projects while suspending or combining others.
NYISO BIC Balks on Increased Reserves
NYISO stakeholders delayed a vote on the ISO’s proposal to procure up to 500 MW of additional reserves for Southeast New York pending another cost analysis.
Challenge to CAISO Load Conformance Denied
CAISO’s load conformance practices do not inappropriately deny generators shortage pricing, FERC said in response to a challenge by NRG.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Jan. 24, 2019
The MRC endorsed a change to align PJM’s Tariff with manual language on the process for requesting incremental capacity transfer rights calculations.
Rule Changes Could Spur $1.4B Jump in PJM Market Costs
PJM released a proposal for revising price formation rules in its energy markets, which staff estimate could increase market costs by as much as $1.4 B.

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