July 13, 2024

Solar For All

The White House
Biden Announces $7B in IRA Funds for Low-income Solar
President Joe Biden announced $7 billion in funding from the Inflation Reduction Act, to be used by states and nonprofits across the country to install solar in low-income and disadvantaged communities. 
EPA Launches $7B Solar for All Program
The EPA launched a $7 billion grant competition to expand residential solar in low-income communities.
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DOE Ramps up Support for LMI Community Solar
Jennifer Granholm announced new funding opportunities and projects aimed at expanding access to solar for low- and moderate-income consumers and communities.
HUD, DOE Aim to Boost Low-income Community Solar
New Biden administration initiatives will connect community solar projects to low-income families enrolled in federal housing assistance programs.
DC Green Bank
‘Dragonscale’ Solar Shingles Will Power DC Community Solar Project
The “dragonscale” solar shingles that power Google’s massive campus in Silicon Valley will soon produce power on the rooftop of a multifamily building in D.C.
Public Service Commission of D.C
DC’s Solar Markets Expanding in Low-income Neighborhoods
D.C.'s ambitious clean energy target — 100% by 2032 — has created a market for solar companies and utility bill savings for the city's low-income residents.
SEIA Issues New US Solar Generation Goal: 30 by 30
SEIA issued a new growth target for the industry to mark the first day of its 2021 annual meeting: 30% of the nation’s power by 2030.
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DC PSC Says Renewables Make Up 12.2% of City’s Fuel Mix
D.C.'s progress toward a goal of 100% clean energy by 2032 faces challenge of city's lack of control over electricity supply.

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