July 13, 2024

Solar Power

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New Jersey Broadens Public Solar Remote Net Metering Rules
New Jersey has enacted new remote net metering rules that increase the size and scope of solar projects eligible for the program, but are less ambitious than lawmakers sought.
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Overheard at CHESSA Solar Focus Conference
Panelists warned that misalignment of technology, regulation and market forces could result in missed opportunities for Maryland to hit its nation-leading climate goals.
FERC Directs Arizona Utility to Allow Solar Project to Interconnect

FERC is moving to grant a solar developer’s request to force the Arizona Electric Power Cooperative to allow interconnection.

Maryland PSC Approves Infinite Net Metering Credit Accumulation
The Net Metering Flexibility Act allows solar customers who generate their own electricity to accrue credits indefinitely, instead of only for a year.
US Small-scale Solar Grew by a Record 6.4 GW in 2022
Installed small-scale solar capacity increased by an estimated 6.4 GW in 2022 — a record amount, even amid supply chain constraints and rising costs. 
NREL Creates Renewable Energy Materials Database
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has created a database of materials needed to manufacture wind and solar resources.
NREL Study Finds Wind, Solar Setback Regs Proliferating
A National Renewable Energy Laboratory quantifies the impact of local setback rules on wind and solar development.
California Duck Curve Getting Deeper
California's duck curve deepened to new levels this spring as solar capacity increased, at times exceeding demand, the Energy Information Administration said.
BLM Seeks to Slash Fees for Solar, Wind on Public Land

The U.S. Department of Interior has a plan to empower BLM to cut fees for solar and wind projects on public lands in the West.

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MISO Defends Renewable Ramping Stance to FERC
In a June 5 response to FERC, MISO defended its plan to bar renewable energy from supplying ramping reserves.

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