July 13, 2024

southern January 2018 cold snap

MISO: Winter Could Get Tricky Despite Forecast
MISO should have adequate capacity to navigate winter but could still face abnormal weather-related outages or a load-shedding event.
MISO Seeks LBA Input on Load Forecasting
MISO is calling on expertise from its local balancing authorities to help improve load forecasting, RTO engineers told stakeholders.
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MISO Gets 5th Winter Waiver of Offer Cap
Midcontinent ISO now has a fifth wintertime waiver of its $1,000/MWh offer cap in hand after FERC approved the RTO’s request on Nov. 16.
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NERC MRC/Board Briefs: Nov. 6-7, 2018
NERC’s Board of Trustees and Member Representatives Committee held their quarterly meetings at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta. Here are some of the highlights.
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Familiar Winter Story: ISO-NE Braces for Gas Shortages
Most RTOs say they are ready for winter but the possibility of fuel shortages during an extended cold spell is keeping ISO-NE officials up at night.
MISO: Sept. Emergency Response Improved by Jan. Event
Lessons from the Jan. 17 MISO South emergency resulted in smoother management of the Sept. 15 emergency in the region, RTO officials told stakeholders.
FERC, NERC to Probe January Outages in MISO South
FERC and NERC are conducting a joint inquiry into the January cold snap that resulted in generation outages in MISO South.
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SPP Board of Directors/Members Committee Briefs: July 31, 2018
The SPP Board of Directors approved a Tariff change requiring non-dispatchable variable energy resources (NDVERs) to register as dispatchable (DVERs).
Overheard at Infocast’s SPP and MISO Markets Summit
Infocast’s first SPP and MISO Markets Summit attracted participants and industry representatives from the RTOs’ footprints for panel discussions.
SPP Briefs: Week of July 9, 2018
The SPP Market Monitoring Unit (MMU) reported that energy prices averaged about $23/MWh in the spring, despite higher loads.

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