July 21, 2024

SPP Holistic Integrated Tariff Team (HITT)

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SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee Briefs: April 11-12, 2022
SPP stakeholders have rejected a recommendation to stick with the status quo when it comes to adding counterflow optimization to the congestion-hedging process.
SPP Board, Regulators to Take up Rejected RRs
SPP’s Board of Directors and its state regulators will consider a pair of revision requests that did not pass stakeholder muster earlier this month.
SPP Stakeholders Facing Time Crunch
SPP is attempting to balance staff and stakeholder time spent on analysis and studies with the need to adapt to a changing business environment.
SPP MOPC Briefs: Jan. 11-12, 2021
SPP staff unveiled a proposed mitigation plan to reduce the four-year backlog in the RTO’s generation interconnection queue.
SPP Board of Directors/MC Briefs: Oct. 27, 2020
SPP’s Board of Directors approved 2021 operating & capital budgets that bend to the realities of COVID-19 and its potential economic impacts.
SPP Quarterly Briefing/RSC Briefs: Oct. 26, 2020
The SPP Regional State Committee approved the nomination of South Dakota Public Utilities Commissioner Kristie Fiegen as its next president.
SPP MOPC Briefs: Oct. 13-14, 2020
SPP stakeholders endorsed a 10-year transmission plan that will likely continue to underestimate wind energy development.
SPP SPC Takes on Congestion Hedging Issues
The SPP Strategic Planning Committee will see if it can come up with a solution on how to modify the RTO’s congestion-hedging practices.
FERC Rejects SPP’s Zonal Planning Criteria
FERC rejected SPP’s proposed Tariff revision to develop uniform local transmission planning criteria.
SPP Board of Directors/MC Briefs: July 28, 2020
SPP‘s Board of Directors approved a recommendation that resolves uncertainty over the weighting of futures in the 2021 transmission planning assessment.

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