June 24, 2024

SPP Marketing Monitoring Unit (MMU)

SPP’s REAL Team Approves Base PRMs, Sufficiency Value Curve
SPP’s REAL Team approved base planning reserve margins and a sufficiency valuation curve, codifying months of work.
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SPP Monitor Collins Joins ERCOT as VP of Market Ops
ERCOT hired Keith Collins, who directs SPP’s Market Monitoring Unit, as its new vice president of market operations to replace Kenan Ögelman.
Basin Electric
SPP Shares Concerns over EPA’s GHG Rule
SPP told members the EPA’s final rule curbing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants could hamper the nation’s ability to provide reliable service during the “swift” transition from fossil fuels to renewables.
FERC Rejects SPP WEIS Market Power Rule

FERC rejected SPP’s proposed market power test for the Western Energy Imbalance Service, saying it gave the Market Monitor too much discretion.

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SPP REAL Team Compromises on PBA, ELCC Revisions

SPP stakeholders asked two working groups to consider compromise language on a pair of tariff revisions related to resource adequacy policies.

SPP Briefs: Week of May 15, 2023
SPP says it expects “normal” summer operations in its balancing authority and reliability coordinator areas this summer, despite a projected drought.
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SPP Board/Members Committee Briefs: April 25, 2023
SPP members and its board have embraced an advisory group’s report on a fast-approach future grid and directing work to address the group’s recommendations.
SPP Briefs: Week of Nov. 7, 2022
SPP will implement major components of its Markets+ governance structure next year and also explore launching a transitional real-time balancing market.
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SPP Board Bypasses Stakeholders on PRM Obligation Exemptions
SPP’s board gave its state regulators the go-ahead to file a tariff change allowing LREs to receive exemptions for not meeting their PRM obligation.
Platte River Power Authority
SPP Briefs: Week of Aug. 22, 2022
Colorado utility Platte River Power Authority is the latest Western utility to express intent to evaluate participation in SPP's RTO West.

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