July 13, 2024

SPP Regional Entity (SPP RE)

Expanded MRO Winds down SPP RE Transition Period
The Midwest Reliability Organization Board of Directors reviewed the transition of former SPP Regional Entity members to MRO.
SPP Closes Book on Regional Entity
The SPP Regional Entity’s Board of Trustees officially terminated the RE’s regional delegation agreement, effective 5 p.m. CT on Aug. 31.
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SPP Board of Directors/Members Committee Briefs: July 31, 2018
The SPP Board of Directors approved a Tariff change requiring non-dispatchable variable energy resources (NDVERs) to register as dispatchable (DVERs).
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SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee: July 17-18, 2018
The SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee approved the Integrated Transmission Planning process’s 2018 near-term assessment portfolio.
SPP RE Ending Compliance Monitoring, Enforcement Activities
The SPP Regional Entity will cease all compliance monitoring and enforcement activities at the close of business Friday.
FERC Approves Dissolution of SPP RE
FERC approved the dissolution of the SPP Regional Entity and the transfer of its members to the Midwest Reliability Organization and SERC Reliability Corp.
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SPP Board of Directors/Members Committee Briefs: April 24, 2018
SPP’s Board of Directors was forced to table the appeal of a rejected revision request, cutting short the discussion when they realized the supporting documentation was not included in the background materials.
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SPP Team to Take ‘Holistic’ Look at Processes
SPP said that its Board of Directors has created a Holistic Integrated Tariff Team (HITT) to take an all-encompassing look at the different challenges facing the RTO.
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NERC Board Approves Dissolving SPP Regional Entity
NERC’s Board of Trustees voted to dissolve the SPP Regional Entity by terminating the RTO’s regional delegation agreement.
NERC Seeks to Oversee SPP Reliability Compliance
SPP CEO Nick Brown told the RTO’s board and Members Committee that NERC is proposing it replace SERC as the compliance monitoring authority for the RTO.

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