July 19, 2024

state subsidies

PJM Makes MOPR Compliance Filing
PJM filed Tariff changes to comply with FERC’s controversial order requiring expansion of the MOPR to new state-subsidized resources.
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MACRUC Poses Choice: Markets or Preferred Resources?
Panels at the MACRUC annual summer education session focused on nuclear subsidies and the impact of state policy initiatives on power markets.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Analyst: FERC Asserts Role in Handling Nuke Subsidies
FERC and the U.S. Department of Justice told the 7th Circuit that Illinois' zero-emission credits (ZECs) program is not pre-empted by the Federal Power Act.
Integration of Public Policy, Markets Top OPSI Discussions
The panels at the Organization of PJM States (OPSI) 2017 annual meeting discussed the effects of cheap natural gas on the markets and state politics.
PJM Stakeholders See Capacity Auction Flaws, Offer Solutions
The PJM Capacity Construct Public Policy Senior Task Force has been working hard to develop rule changes in time for next year’s capacity auction.
PJM’s Grid 20/20 Ponders Mixing Public Policy, Competitive Markets
Panelists at the PJM Grid 20/20 summit discussed the challenges of conflicting state public policy, competing interests and the impact on the RTO's competitive markets.

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