December 3, 2023


DOE Kickstarts Build-out of Uranium Supply Chain Needed for Advanced Reactors
DOE released RFPs to build a U.S. supply chain for the specialized uranium fuel needed for advanced nuclear reactors — now available only from Russia.
DOE: US Needs 200 GW of New Nuclear Power by 2050
DOE is estimating that 500 to 750 GW of clean, firm power — including 200 GW of new nuclear — will be needed to reach net-zero emissions economy-wide by 2050.
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Making the Case for Nuclear at NARUC
The rising profile of nuclear power as one of the critical technologies that will power the U.S. to a carbon-free grid was a major theme at NARUC's conference.
IAEA Ministerial: Regulators Want to Change the Narrative on Nukes
The nuclear industry wants to change the conventional wisdom that says nuclear projects are always late, over budget and don't perform as expected.
A Nuclear Renaissance in the Making?
The Atlantic Council, working with the U.S. Nuclear Industry Council, webcast an 8-hour live program featuring more than 30 speakers in a half-dozen panels.
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Could the US See a ‘Nuclear Renaissance’?
Pro-nuclear panelists at NARUC's Summer Policy Summit said small, advanced reactors are needed to offset the increase in weather-dependent renewables.
Small Reactors Can Compete on Cost, PNNL Study Finds
Small modular reactors appear to be cost-competitive compared to other energy sources in the Pacific Northwest, according to a joint PNNL-MIT study.
Wyoming Welcomes DOE-funded Advanced Nuclear Plant
One of Wyoming’s four coal plants will be closed and the site repurposed for a 345-MW advanced nuclear reactor, officials said Wednesday.

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