July 13, 2024

Texas Legislature

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Overheard at Infocast’s 2024 ERCOT Market Summit
Infocast's annual ERCOT Market Summit fell during the third anniversary of the devastating February 2021 winter storm, giving speakers plenty of fodder for discussion.
$10B Fund for Gas Plants on Texas Ballot
Texas voters are voting on a constitutional amendment that would create a nearly $10 billion state fund for dispatchable energy that opponents say amounts to a handout for the gas industry.
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ERCOT Board of Directors Briefs: June 19-20, 2023
ERCOT staff are reviewing the spate of electric-related legislation that was recently passed by Texas lawmakers.
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Clean Energy Escapes Texas Legislature’s Wrath
With the 88th Texas Legislature’s regular session now over, the general consensus is that the clean energy industry fared better than recent gloomy predictions.
ERCOT Looking to ORDC Changes, Ancillary Services as Bridge to PCM
ERCOT is looking at a revised operating reserve demand curve and additional ancillary services to bridge the proposed performance credit mechanism.
Texas Senate Lays out Changes to ERCOT Market
Texas lawmakers have laid out a legislative package that threatens the state’s renewable industry and provides generous incentives to thermal generation.
Texas State Senate
Market Monitor Pans ERCOT Market Redesign
ERCOT’s IMM continues to criticize Texas regulators’ preferred market redesign, saying what they have proposed is a “less effective and efficient."
ERCOT Survives One Test, Faces Another
ERCOT survived a record-breaking summer and a pre-Christmas winter storm, but now it must gain lawmakers' approval of a new market design.
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PUC, ERCOT Face More Heat from Texas Lawmakers
Texas lawmakers once again grilled the PUC and ERCOT over the commission's proposed market redesign.
Texas House of Representatives
Texas Lawmakers to Vet ERCOT Market Redesign
The head of Texas’ Public Utility Commission told state lawmakers they will get a chance to vet ERCOT’s market redesign next year before it becomes operational.

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