July 19, 2024

Texas Supreme Court (SCOTX)

Xcel Energy
Texas Supreme Court Rules for ERCOT, PUC During Uri
The Texas Supreme Court ruled ERCOT and the Public Utility Commission were within the law when they raised wholesale prices to more than 300 times above normal during Winter Storm Uri.
The Supreme Court of Texas
Texas Supremes Hear Arguments Over Uri’s Prices
The Texas Supreme Court heard oral arguments over whether the Public Utility Commission had the authority to order electric prices be set at $9,000/MWh during the 2021 winter storm.
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Texas High Court to Review Decision on Uri Charges
The Texas Supreme Court will review a lower court ruling on the Public Utility Commission’s emergency pricing orders during the deadly 2021 winter storm, potentially placing billions of dollars at stake.
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ERCOT Sovereign Immunity Affirmed by Texas Supreme Court

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday narrowly affirmed ERCOT’s sovereign immunity, granting it protection against fraud claims and allegations of overpricing, and asserted the Public Utility Commission’s jurisdiction over the grid operator in a pair of rulings.

Texas PUC Appeals Court’s Decision on Uri Transactions
The Texas PUC has asked the state’s Texas Supreme Court to overturn a recent appeals court ruling that could unwind market transactions during Winter Storm Uri.
Supreme Court of Texas
ERCOT Claims Immunity Before Texas Supreme Court
The Texas Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a pair of lawsuits that could determine whether ERCOT has a right to sovereign immunity from lawsuits.
Panda Power Funds
ERCOT Asks for Ruling on Sovereign Immunity Claim
ERCOT asked the Texas Supreme Court to find that it is entitled to immunity as a governmental agency and reject a five-year-old lawsuit by a power developer.

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