July 16, 2024

transmission access charge (TAC)

Transwest Express
CAISO Wins FERC Approval for Subscriber-funded Tx Plan
FERC approved a proposal to allow transmission lines outside California to join CAISO under a new subscriber-funded model that avoids allocating project costs to the ISO’s load-serving entities.
CAISO Board OKs Plan to Admit Subscriber-funded Transmission Lines

The CAISO board approved a proposal that will allow transmission projects outside California to join the ISO under a new subscriber-funded model that avoids allocating costs to ISO load-serving entities.

Transwest Express
FERC OKs CAISO-TransWest Move Toward PTO Status
FERC OK'd an agreement between CAISO and the TransWest Express transmission project that lets TransWest continue seeking transmission-owner status in CAISO.
LEAPS’ Bid for Tx Status Rebuffed Again
FERC again rejected a bid by developers to obtain transmission status and cost-based rates for a proposed $2 billion pumped storage project in CAISO.
CAISO Updates Storage as Transmission Asset Plan
Stakeholders weighed in on the 2nd CAISO straw proposal to treat energy storage as transmission assets (SATA) for purposes of accessing market revenues.
CAISO Finalizes Draft TAC Proposal
CAISO moved closer this week to updating its transmission access charge (TAC) structure to include new rules about how to measure transmission usage.
Energy Policy Initiatives Center; California Energy Commission
CAISO Considering Transmission Charge Changes
CAISO is moving forward with a proceeding that could result in changes to how it allocates transmission costs to participants in its wholesale markets.
ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs
ERCOT's Cheryl Mele alerted the TAC to an incident where a vendor’s issue-tracking system allowed its software clients to view tickets from other clients.
CAISO to Create New TAC Area for Water District
CAISO is seeking to create a new transmission access charge area for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.
Questions Linger over CAISO Small TO Interconnection Proposal
Stakeholders have lingering questions about the CAISO interconnection proposal to protect small transmission owners from bearing the costs of upgrades.

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