July 19, 2024

transmission service request (TSR)

SPP Regional State Committee Briefs: July 25, 2022
SPP regulators have approved a recommendation for three DC ties that will connect the RTO’s Eastern and Western Interconnection footprints.
PJM MRC/MC Preview: July 28, 2021
A summary of the issues scheduled to be brought to a vote at the PJM Markets and Reliability and Members committee meetings on July 28, 2021.
PJM MRC Briefs: May 26, 2021
PJM stakeholders endorsed a proposal to allow transmission facilities avoid being designated as critical infrastructure under NERC standard CIP-014.
SPP Regional State Committee Briefs: July 29 & Aug. 5, 2019
SPP’s Regional State Committee endorsed a report on wind-rich areas and several recommendations related to the effort to improve its planning processes.
SPP Seams Steering Committee Briefs: April 4, 2018
SPP and AECI stakeholders approved a scope for a joint study to determine the existence of any mutually beneficial transmission projects.
Fast-Start Resource Pricing Adds to SPP’s Workload in 2018
The Dec. 21 FERC order requiring SPP to help fast-start resources set LMPs added one more to-do for the RTO in what is shaping up to be a busy 2018.
SPP RSC Leaves Safe-Harbor Thresholds Unchanged
SPP’s Regional State Committee (SPP RSC) accepted a working group’s proposal to leave unchanged their safe-harbor thresholds.
MISO Planning Advisory Committee Briefs
MISO told the Planning Advisory Committee that it will conduct three new separate, but related, studies this year to identify a transmission solution for the RTO’s constrained interface between its North and South regions.
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SPP Ponders Congestion Rights as Z2 Solution
SPP stakeholders are pondering the use of incremental long-term congestion rights to help solve some of the complexity with the RTO’s Z2 crediting process.
MISO Beats Challenge on Wind Exports
Just two days after FERC rejected allegations that MISO was blocking a wind farm from exporting power to PJM, the RTO was hit with a new complaint accusing it of giving special treatment to external generators seeking to deliver power into the Midwest.

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