July 25, 2024

transmission zonal placement

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FERC Rejects SPP’s Cost-allocation Waiver Proposal
FERC rejected SPP's proposed Tariff revision establishing a cost-allocation waiver process related to the RTO's highway/byway methodology.
FERC Rejects NPPD Objection to Tri-State Zonal Placement
FERC approved SPP’s proposed Tariff revisions to incorporate Tri-State Generation as a new transmission owner in an existing pricing zone.
SPP Board Rejects Changes to Tx Zonal-Placement Rules
SPP made another effort to revise its transmission-zonal placement process, but once again came up short when the board sustained its earlier rejection.
SPP Strategic Planning Committee Briefs: July 13, 2017
The SPP Strategic Planning Committee directed RTO staff to move forward with a high-priority congestion study that earlier failed to gain traction.

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