July 19, 2024

value of distributed energy resources (VDER)

NY Officials Told to Stay the Course on CDG Solar
Clean energy advocates and solar developers told New York officials to tweak the VDER tariff, not make new processes to sustain PV growth.
NY Works to Sustain Community Solar Growth
New York agencies hosted a technical conference on ways to advance commercial, industrial, and community solar development.
Net Metering Successors Need ‘Holistic Approach’
Four trends have emerged from the evolution of net energy metering rate design, an industry expert told state utility commissioners and their staff.
NYPSC Reins in ESCOs, Expands Community DG
The New York PSC placed new restrictions and requirements on energy service companies, including enhanced eligibility criteria and scrutiny of practices.
NYPSC OKs Rebuilding Upstate Tx Lines
The New York PSC granted the New York Power Authority a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need to rebuild transmission lines.
NYPSC Refines Value Stack, Boosts Community DG
The New York PSC modified its VDER compensation policy and authorized $43 million in state funding for solar and community distributed generation projects.
NY Examines VDER Capacity Value Compensation
New York officials, utilities and solar advocates are trading comments through the PSC on what constitutes appropriate compensation for DER capacity value.
NYPSC Clarifies Value Stack Capacity Limits
The New York Public Service Commission ruled that JFK Airport could have a solar project up to 5 MW compensated under the VDER program.
NYPSC Takes Subway into Value Stack
The NY Public Service Commission (NYPSC) expanded the eligibility of distributed energy resources to be compensated under the state’s value stack tariffs.
NY Dept. of Public Service
NY Looks at Social Cost of Carbon, Modeling
To model the impacts of carbon pricing on dispatch, resource costs and emissions in its wholesale electricity market, New York would do well to start by estimating a social cost of carbon (SCC), experts told a state task force Monday.

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