July 13, 2024

Vermont Climate Council (VCC)

Vt. House Sustains Veto of Clean Heat Standard Bill
Vermont Gov. Phil Scott vetoed a bill to create a Clean Heat Standard, saying it had no detail on costs and impacts.
Vt. House Approves Bill to Create Clean Heat Standard
Vermont’s House of Representatives passed a bill that would implement a clean heat standard, as recommended by the state's Climate Council.
Vermont Agency of Transportation
Vermont Climate Council Extends Deadline to Find TCI-P Alternative
A task group of the Vermont Climate Council will take an extra six months to identify an alternative to TCI-P for reducing transportation emissions.
Bourne's Energy
Vt. Lawmakers Working on Clean Heat Standard Bill
Vermont lawmakers are working on a bill that would implement a Clean Heat Standard in the state starting in 2024.
Without TCI-P, Vt. Will Explore Joining Western Climate Initiative
The Western Climate Initiative is one option the Vermont Climate Council will explore to replace TCI-P in its Climate Action Plan released in December.
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Study: EV Adoption to Cut $5.3M in Vt. Gas Taxes in 2025
Under Vermont's plans to ramp up EV adoption, gas tax revenue losses from light-duty cars could total $80 million in 2050, according to a new study.
BMW Group
Here’s the Top Decarbonization Challenge for the Northeast in 2022
With Northeast states backing out of joining TCI-P, states now have a major funding gap for their plans to clean up the transportation sector.
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Vermont Energy Plan Targets 100% Zero-emission Car Sales by 2035
Transitioning to 100% ZEV sales in Vermont will be a challenge, as 85% of its passenger vehicle sales are currently higher-priced SUV and truck models.
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Vermont Climate Council Adopts ‘Initial Climate Action Plan’
The Vermont Climate Council voted 19-4 to adopt an Initial Climate Action Plan with the expectation that it will update it next year.
Famartin, CC BY-SA-4.0, via Wikimedia
Vermont Climate Council Adjusts Course on TCI-P
Vermont’s climate action plan will not abandon the potential for state TCI-P participation entirely, despite the program’s uncertainty.

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