December 3, 2023

Vermont House of Representatives (VT House)

Vt. Governor to Veto Building Decarbonization Measure
Republican Gov. Phil Scott plans to veto clean heat legislation for the second year in a row, saying the bill is expensive and punitive.
Vt. House Sustains Veto of Clean Heat Standard Bill
Vermont Gov. Phil Scott vetoed a bill to create a Clean Heat Standard, saying it had no detail on costs and impacts.
Stephen Flanders, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Vermont Senate Advances State’s 1st Environmental Justice Bill
The Vermont Senate passed a bill 28-1 that would, for the first time, legally define what environmental justice means in the state.
Vt. House Approves Bill to Create Clean Heat Standard
Vermont’s House of Representatives passed a bill that would implement a clean heat standard, as recommended by the state's Climate Council.
Bourne's Energy
Vt. Lawmakers Working on Clean Heat Standard Bill
Vermont lawmakers are working on a bill that would implement a Clean Heat Standard in the state starting in 2024.
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Study: EV Adoption to Cut $5.3M in Vt. Gas Taxes in 2025
Under Vermont's plans to ramp up EV adoption, gas tax revenue losses from light-duty cars could total $80 million in 2050, according to a new study.
Green Mountain Solar
Vermont Governor Signs State Budget with $250M for Climate Mitigation
A portion of Vermont's climate-related funding for fiscal year 2022 will come from the state's $1.05 billion federal rescue plan aid package.

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