July 19, 2024

WEC Energy Group

Wisconsin PSC: Missing Info in We Energies’ Oak Creek Coal-to-gas Plans
The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin said it’s missing several details from We Energies regarding its multiyear plan to substitute gas for coal at its Oak Creek Power Plant.
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MISO Members Mull Full Impact of DER Aggregations in Markets
MISO members pondered at Board Week over how quickly the full impact of Order 2222 will be felt across the footprint.
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MISO Members Doubt Severity of Long-term RA Alarm Bells
Multiple MISO members appeared skeptical at their quarterly meetings that the RTO is destined to face capacity shortfalls before the turn of the decade.
WEC Energy Group Touts Expanding Capacity, Load in Q2 Earnings
WEC Energy Group executives were optimistic over a new large industrial customer and new capacity additions during a second-quarter earnings call.
WEC Energy Group
WEC Energy Group’s Earnings Droop on Mild Winter
WEC Energy Group’s first-quarter earnings dipped year-over-year, owing to one of the mildest winters in its service territory in more than a century.
WEC Energy Group
WEC Touts Renewable Investment in Year-end Earnings
WEC Energy Group leadership plugged the billions per year they’ll spend on transforming their utility’s energy mix during a year-end earnings call.
MISO Begins Pondering Future Market Changes
MISO said its markets will need renovation as it braces for systems rife with renewables and extreme weather uncertainty.
WEC Manages Modest Increase in Q2 Earnings
WEC Energy Group managed a 2-cent EPS improvement in the second quarter over last year, with several factors offsetting the pandemic’s impact.
WEC Energy Wind Boom to Follow Strong 2019
WEC Energy Group reported year-end net income of $1.13 billion ($3.58/share), up from $1.06 billion ($3.34/share) in 2018.
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NERC OKs Utilities’ Transfer to ReliabilityFirst
The NERC Board of Trustees approved Wisconsin Public Service Corp.’s and Upper Michigan Energy Resources’ requests to move to ReliabilityFirst from MRO.

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