July 21, 2024

West-Wide Governance Pathway Initiative

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Pathways Participants See ‘Pivotal’ Chance to Build New Kind of RTO
The West faces a “pivotal” opportunity to develop a fresh approach to managing its electricity markets, one that could update RTO governance to better accommodate the public policy.
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Busy Summer Ahead for Pathways Initiative
Participants in the West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative face a busy meeting schedule this summer as the group’s leaders look to advance on parallel fronts to develop a Western “regional organization.”
CAISO Kicks off Stakeholder Process for Pathways Initiative
CAISO kicked off the West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative stakeholder process required to shift the ISO’s governance structure to an independent entity within the Extended Day-Ahead Market.
West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative
Pathways Backers Advance WEIM/EDAM Governance Proposal
Backers of the West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative will move quickly on a proposal to alter the governance of CAISO’s Western EIM and EDAM after voting to approve the plan.
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NV Energy Confirms Intent to Join CAISO’s EDAM

NV Energy intends to join CAISO’s Extended Day-Ahead Market, an official with the utility said, notching a major win for the ISO in its competition with SPP’s Markets+ day-ahead offering in the West.

NV Energy
NV Energy to Join CAISO’s Extended Day-Ahead Market
NV Energy plans to make its intention to join the CAISO EDAM public on May 31 when it files an integrated resource plan with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.
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Is NV Energy Leaning to CAISO’s EDAM?
An NV Energy executive provided the strongest public indication yet as to why the utility is poised to choose the ISO's Extended Day-Ahead Market over SPP’s Markets+.
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Pathways Initiative to Act Fast on ‘Stepwise’ Governance Plan
Backers of the West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative say they want to move quickly on first part of their proposed plan to shift CAISO’s governance to an independent entity.
West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative
Past Opponents Now See Legislative Pathway to CAISO Regionalization
Reps from two groups that blocked past efforts to “regionalize” CAISO predict success for an upcoming campaign to change California law to allow the ISO to participate in an independent RTO.
West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative
Pathways Initiative Rejected for $800K in DOE Funding
The West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative applied for the money in January in response to a DOE Funding Opportunity Announcement, seeking two tranches of $400,000 each to be disbursed over two years to help support the effort build an independent Western RTO.

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