February 24, 2024

West-Wide Governance Pathway Initiative

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Western RTO Effort Makes Gains on Funding, Legal Analysis
The West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative is advancing on its $570,000 funding target. And its members also are wading deeper into one of the key subjects it was conceived to address: CAISO's governance.
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BPA Targets August for Draft Day-ahead Market Decision

The Bonneville Power Administration plans to issue a draft decision on its day-ahead market participation in August, followed by a final decision in November.

Former Opponents Shift Position on CAISO ‘Regionalization’
The change of heart comes as participants in the West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative work to build the framework for an independent RTO.
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Western Pathways Initiative Sets Budget, Seeks Funders
Backers of an effort to create the framework for an independent Western RTO know how much money they’ll need to get things off the ground, and they’re seeking funders.
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West Entered Pivotal Period for RTO Development in 2023

Future historians of the U.S. electricity sector one day might conclude the development of an RTO in the West hinged on two separate but interrelated events occurring on one day in July 2023.

Westside Governance Pathways Initiative
Western RTO Initiative Outlines Governance Options
The group working to establish a single Western RTO heard summaries of five potential options for a new governing body that could be independent of CAISO.
Western RTO Group Seeking $800K in DOE Funding
The West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative is seeking $800,000 in federal grants to support its administrative and outreach needs as it works to lay the foundation for an independent Western RTO.
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West-Wide Governance Pathway Group Digs into its Work
The committee tasked with laying the groundwork for an independent Western RTO is confronting a complex set of challenges on an ambitious timeline.
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Stakeholders: Pathway Initiative Offers ‘Fresh Look’ at Western Market
Western stakeholders expressed enthusiasm for the West-Wide Governance Pathway Initiative but called for more transparency in developing a regional market.
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Idaho PUC Declines to Join Western RTO Governance Effort

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission last week said it will not join with other state regulators in an initiative to lay the groundwork for an independent RTO designed to serve the entire Western Interconnection.

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