July 13, 2024

Western Energy Crisis

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Policymakers Chart FERC’s History of Opening the Grid for Competition
FERC has worked to restructure the power industry for nearly three decades, and is poised to take another major step forward on that front with the transmission rule next month, panelists said on a Americans for a Clean Energy Grid webinar.
Tri-State Generation and Transmission
FERC Extends Deadline to Justify Exceeding Price Cap in West
Sellers of spot electricity deliveries that exceed the Western price cap will now have more time to submit the FERC filing required to justify higher prices.
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FERC Offers Guidance on Exceeding Western Price Caps
FERC provided guidance to Western electricity sellers on how and when to seek exceptions for transactions that exceed the region’s $1,000/MWh soft cap.
Orders Signal Wind-down of Western Energy Crisis Disputes
FERC issued a set of orders signaling the disputes around the Western energy crisis of 2000/01 might finally be winding down.
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CPUC Cautions of Return to Bad Old Days
The CPUC warned that the state could return to the conditions preceding the energy crisis of the early 2000s if decision-making is not managed correctly.
FERC Relieves CAISO of Statewide Plan
FERC approved CAISO’s request to be relieved of its requirement to develop a conceptual statewide plan as part of its regional transmission planning process.
California to Reconsider Retail Choice
California officials are reconsidering retail choice, two decades after a deregulation drive that faltered in the Western Energy Crisis of 2000/01.
FERC Denies Multiple Energy Crisis Rehearing Requests
The FERC decision dealt with companies implicated in manipulating prices during the initial "Summer Period" of the Western Energy Crisis.
FERC Reopens Western Energy Crisis Refund Proceeding
FERC ruled that Shell and Hafslund can not use the costs associated with illegal trading activity during the Western Energy Crisis to offset their refund.
FERC Clarifies Western Energy Crisis ‘Pricing Umbrella’ Theory
FERC said evidence of price reporting deficiencies by power sellers during the Western Energy Crisis cannot constitute the sole basis for a finding of market manipulation.

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