July 21, 2024


WEIM Sees Record Q1 Benefits with Growth of Footprint
CAISO’s Western Energy Imbalance Market yielded members $418.82 million in economic benefits during the first three months of 2023, a first-quarter record.
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FERC Upholds CAISO Wheel-through Rules
FERC upheld its finding that CAISO’s temporary wheel-through restrictions do not violate open-access principles and approved a two-year extension of them.
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CAISO Extends Wheel-through Rules
CAISO's Board of Governors extended controversial wheel-through restrictions for two more years as the ISO works on a long-term fix to transmission constraints.
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FERC Tosses NV Energy Complaint Against CAISO Summer Plan
FERC dismissed an NV Energy complaint related to CAISO’s plan to restrict certain wheel-through transactions when tight power supply threatens reliability.
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FERC OKs CAISO Wheel-through Restrictions
FERC approved CAISO's controversial rule changes on wheel-throughs, intended to ensure the ISO has adequate capacity this summer.
Wheeling Debate Tests West, CAISO CEO Says
CAISO stakeholders are still wary of the new proposed wheel-through provisions the ISO has submitted to FERC for clarity on the complex issue.
CAISO Approves Controversial Wheeling Limits
CAISO’s board approved limits on wheel-throughs during strained system conditions, despite opposition from utilities and the EIM Governing Body.
EIM Governing Body Rejects Part of CAISO Summer Plan
The Western EIM Governing Body rejected CAISO’s proposal to head off summer capacity shortfalls by limiting wheel-throughs during times of scarcity.
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CAISO Drops Proposed EIM Changes
CAISO is dropping a handful of proposed enhancements to the EIM less than two months before the board is slated to review a broader package.
EIM Members Wary of Need for CAISO Wheeling Charge
The CAISO proposal to provide transmission revenue to balancing authority areas that wheel power received a wary response from EIM stakeholders.

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